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Little Lotus Wellness provides care to the Edmonton Area. We offer Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Holistic Massage, that is both clinically and spiritually based regardless of your Religious or Non-Religious Denomination.

Don't let the "S"  (Spiritually) word scare you, logically most people know that there is more to our existence than just a Body. It is second nature to look at the Spirit in Health Care many other Countries. Why not North America? Health Care can be results driven while looking at your system Holistically.  This type of Health Care has longterm results, while you feel that all parts of you have been properly tended too.

Having evolved over thousands of years, Chinese medicine is one of the oldest continually practiced medical modalities in the world. Acupuncture & Massage provide safe, effective, chemical-free treatment methods to prevent and treat disease, reduce pain, balance mood, enhance athletic performance, and improve overall health and wellness.

The best investment you can make for yourself is in your health and wellbeing. We welcome you to see what this experience can do for you!  

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Dr.Sabrina Silins R.Ac, TCMD

Holistic Acupuncturist in Edmonton, Alberta. Specializing in Fertility, Women's Health, Depression, Anxiety & Immune Disorders.

Blue Star Fertility Acupuncture Edmonton

Serving the Whole Person

More information see our Sister Site www.fertileway.com